Strong Bite Linda's Cookies Bulk Up!

After an intense workout, your gym members deserve a treat.

Bulk Order Linda's Paleo Treats to satisfy their sweet cravings.

Cookie/Bites breakdown:

1-50 @ $1.75 each

51-100 @ $1.65 each

101+ @ $1.55 each

After just one bite, you'll understand why the CrossFit Community and other keeps coming back for more and more and more!
Your Paleo treats will arrive at your door within 5 business days after placing an order.
For local courier and pick-up services, please allow an additional 48 hours for delivery.

Must be shipped to a valid gym address to qualify for special pricing. Please contact Linda with any questions.

Paleo Cookies

We use only the freshest ingredients. No mixes, no shortcuts. ...